Help nurture a sense of global community and prepare students for a competitive environment. Give an extra hand to students who work hard to get where they want to go.


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Museum Internship Award Scholarship

Interdisciplinary Museum Studies and Cultural Resource Management Program
This program is designed to prepare young professionals for careers in museums, archives, parks, historic sites, and related organizations. A fundamental requirement of these programs is a hands-on internship where they can both deepen and broaden their experience before entering a highly competitive job market.

Hulbert-Amanda-Dow House Internship
Need for the “Museum Internship Award”

  • Most internships are unpaid and many occur in high cost areas.
  • Since sixty-nine percent of our Chippewas are first generation college students, virtually all of them are working their way through college, and all value hands-on experience. Not everyone can afford an unpaid internship.
  • The lack of resources keeps Chippewas–who have the skills and talents to achieve greater–from competing for internships at the Smithsonian and similar world-renowned institutions.

What the “Museum Internship Award” Addresses
This award was formed to provide financial assistance to students seeking an internship based on merit and need. Internships nurture a sense of global community and prepare these students for success in a very competitive field. One hundred percent of all donated funds go directly to students.

Jennifer Fisher
Without your help, the “Internship Award” can not support the growing number of deserving students. Please make a tax deductible donation to the “Museum Internship Award” today. Help our students gain critical experience and exposure to new ideas based upon their abilities, rather than their financial resources.


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