Help a CMU Student in Need

Sometimes our students are faced with unexpected family emergencies that put them up against both emotional and financial obstacles. The Student Emergency Fund helps CMU students make ends meet so they can continue on their path to a CMU degree. The following are real stories from summer 2015. To protect privacy, certain names have not been shared.

The Central Michigan University Student Emergency Fund helps keep students in school when they face unexpected circumstances.

The Central Michigan University Student Emergency Fund helps keep students in school when they face unexpected circumstances.

  1. Ericka Magee applied for the Student Emergency Fund during a time when she had just lost her job and her ill father was in the hospital battling cancer. Read her full story.
  2. Ja’Tayzha Stitt is thankful to continue her journey at CMU, graduate on time, and show others that giving up is “not an option” despite having a low income. Read her full story.
  3. Brittani Scott is a first generation college student. Without the scholarship, she would not have been able to stay at CMU despite working hard to pay for as much as she can. Read her full story.
  4. Samantha Paine needed the scholarship her last semester at CMU and is extremely grateful for the opportunities it gave her. She has made sure to give back since graduation. Read her full story.
  5. Mark Johnson was short several hundred dollars his last year at CMU, but the scholarship helped him through and he is now a full-time reporter. Read his story.
  6. Kyle Kenny was struggling financially during his last semester due to the overwhelming amount of medical debt that accumulated because of his epilepsy. The stress to make ends meet could have caused many more seizures for him if it weren’t for the scholarship. Read his story.
  7. Deshondria Bedenfield came to CMU for the personal classroom experience and helpful one-on-one sessions. The scholarship allowed her to remove the hold on her student account so she can continue her education. Read her story.
  8. Kyle Manthei was in a tight situation before the scholarship allowed him to continue school and graduate magna cum laude in May 2014. Read his story.
  9. A student who wishes to remain anonymous thanks donors for allowing them to finish their undergrad at CMU and continue their education here as a professional counseling and special education grad student. Read their story.
  10. Aaron Deanno Martin-Greene believes CMU is a home away from home and is set to graduate in December thanks to the scholarship. Read his story.
  11. A student who wishes to remain anonymous wants to thank donors for helping them stay a student at CMU and plans to work in the entertainment industry. Read their story.
  12. A student who wishes to remain anonymous was able to pay rent through the help of the scholarship. Read their story.

    The following are real stories from spring 2014; to protect privacy, no names have been shared.

  13. A CMU junior with a significant medical condition received bad news at the pharmacy. 
    When refilling a critical prescription, she was told that her health insurance had been unexpectedly terminated. The student’s condition was so serious that without medication she would need to be admitted to the hospital. The Student Emergency Fund provided $200 to pay for two weeks of the student’s prescription while she worked to get her health insurance reinstated.
  14. A working CMU student’s spouse found himself unemployed.
    The senior’s low-paying job and student loans were suddenly not enough to support her four children, and her ability to complete her CMU education was immediately threatened. The Student Emergency Fund stepped in and provided $1,000 toward past-due rent, alleviating a major source of stress for the family and allowing the student to stay in school.
  15. One of five children, a CMU sophomore could not afford his textbooks when his parents’ PLUS Loan was denied.
    Working part-time on campus and carrying the maximum in student loans, this CMU student felt he had hit a roadblock when he could not find the money to pay for his textbooks. His parents were doing everything they could, but with middle-level income and five children to support, they came up short. The Student Emergency Fund provided this student with $542 to cover textbooks for his winter 2014 classes.
  16. Close to graduation, a CMU senior became homeless.
    With unsupportive parents, a student lost his job during the spring 2014 semester and ultimately found himself staying at a local homeless shelter, receiving food from a food pantry. He was receiving the maximum student loans available, and faced a health issue that threatened to pull him fully under financially. The Student Emergency Fund was there when he was about to hit bottom, providing $1,500 to cover medical expenses and groceries.
  17. A CMU junior faced a tough choice: groceries or textbooks.
    The child of two disabled parents, this Central student was working a very low-income job while attending school. Her parents struggled to meet basic needs at home, and when it came time to pay for books, the family’s meager grocery budget seemed like the only solution. The Student Emergency Fund was able to contribute $1,000 to cover both textbooks and supplemental groceries.

    A gift to the Student Emergency Fund supports Chips when they need it most.

    A gift to the Student Emergency Fund supports Chippewas when they need it most.

  18. Past-due tuition threatened one sophomore’s future at CMU.
    Sometimes even the maximum student loans are not enough. One CMU student was reconsidering his entire college education when faced with past-due tuition. Working alongside his classes, he simply could not afford to support himself and pay for school. With the help of the Student Emergency Fund, which granted $1,500 toward his tuition and room and board, the student was able to make small payments throughout the year to pay off his balance and start fall 2014 with a clean slate.
  19. A little goes a long way for some CMU students.
    It’s no secret than many college students forego health insurance. But when a medical issue arises, the consequences can ripple through their financial wellbeing. A freshman unable to pay such a bill was referred to the Student Emergency Fund by University Health Services. The fund covered $82 in medical expenses — and took a big weight off her shoulders.
  20. A senior’s laptop was stolen while on a CMU-sponsored trip.
    When the CMU Debate Team traveled out of state for a competition, no one predicted the van would be burglarized. A student just a month from graduation was now without his laptop to complete his senior projects during what is typically the most academically stressful time of one’s college career. The Student Emergency Fund covered the cost of replacing the laptop, providing $1,500 and peace of mind during a busy and emotional time.

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